Garageband For Android – 12 Best Alternatives You Can Go with

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GarageBand is a free & advanced Apple application that turns your iOS and Mac into a complete recording studio with a collection of instruments for you to compose. This platform is a smart tool to introduce your musical art anywhere. After all, you never know when inspiration might hit. For beginners, the application can become quite confusing. For musicians, who are starting to learn to play an instrument or even for those who already have experience, iOS GarageBand is very well organized and simple. However, the service is only available for iOS.

Since Android is also dominating the smartphone market, fans are always looking for GarageBand for Android alternatives. A major drawback to GarageBand is that it is a very heavy program. Consequently, it works slowly on old iOS devices. In addition, it offers a limited number of music tracks. Here is an insightful selection of GarageBand Android alternatives to start creating artistic music and career as a professional music composer right now!

GarageBand For Android | 12 Best Alternatives You Should Check 2017

garageband for android

The program received an update, which included a new look and incredible new features. However, with the arrival of iOS 8.4, new features have since implemented and now artists who produce music with GarageBand will be able to get one-step closer to their fans. It is a fact that GarageBand was for professionals only. In other words, if you do not know how to play a musical instrument, this application may not do much for you.  Also, check some alternative apps like Siri for Android to automate few tasks on your Android phone.

1. Heat Synthesizer

The Heat Synthesizer is one of the smartest alternatives to Garageband for Android. It is a complete synthesizer optimized to emit the sounds in real time by selecting the “Collaborative Preset Manager.” Store your content online, make them available whenever and from wherever; and share with the world. Moreover, the manager function is very interactive which you can select out of a wide variety of sounds, from either your friends or any user globally.

Heat Synthesizer

It is a platform, which facilitates working while expanding creativity. Heat Synthesizer allows you to save various configuration options and more. Let your music ideas flow on your tablets or smartphone by also using the integrated keyboard to send MiDi events to your sequencer.

  DownloadQR-Code Heat Synthesizer Demo BETA Developer: Nils Schneider Price: Free   

2. Walk Band

Walk Band is a free program for Android that works like a true portable band. In it, you find numerous instruments that you may use to create own compositions, on the go.

Walk Band

In addition, if you are not a professional and you do not know how to play any musical instruments, then there is no problem. Walk Band offers a comprehensive manual with numerous instructions to help you get started, and setup your musical career. It also has the ability to identify touch pressure with accuracy, supports multi-touch and offers 70 pre-loaded songs.   DownloadQR-Code Walk Band – Multitracks Music Developer: Revontulet Soft Inc Price: Free+

3. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is the portable version of FL Studio Desktop PC, both editions can work in integration, which means, you can create music on your smartphone and continue it on your PC. FL Studio Mobile is a handy portable studio, with several instruments for you to work on with 133 different options of songs; sound effects, drum loops, manual editor for piano notes, chorus, limiter, compressor and the option to save and share your tunes.

FL Studio Mobile

Program percussion fastens due to the step sequencer function. You can import or export in a single file or multiple. There is no limit for your contents with FL. You can play around by distorting, parametric equalizer, graphic equalizer, flinger, and reverb. Search, find songs, create, review songs with high-pass/low-pass, phase and stereo, band-pass, delays, formant (VoX) and filters. Wirelessly share contents with other FL Studio Mobile Android, iOS, and Windows App instances.

FL is an excellent music manager, which allows you to monitor your records precisely including track-length stem/import. Each instrument chosen offers configurable features such as Pan, volume, release and attack time. Whether you have an older Android version or newer, the FL Studio Mobile offers high-quality audio engine, while the input/output latency depends on device version. FL Studio Mobile is available for Android at $19 & iOS for the price of approximately US$ 13.99, depending on the system.   DownloadQR-Code FL Studio Mobile Developer: Image-Line Price: €17,99+

4. Caustic

Caustic is for anyone with an intermediate knowledge of musical production tools, similar to Reason software. It is a free killer tool built for Android. For music creation, it mixes synthesizer and sampler into a single platform and allows users to access them quickly on screen.

Still, a diversion provided by different types of keyboards is guaranteed. It brings together 14 machines inside Caustic, which includes support for up to two effects per machine- there are 16 different effects to choose.

This is a large application with a modern visual & great usage potential. Your creation can reach a new level with Caustic, which supports automation on most controls. Practical and flexible, it allows editing to alter recorded automation curves, global delay and reverb effects, sharp sections with parametric EQ and limiter and the indispensable functionality sequencer for your songs.   DownloadQR-Code Caustic 3 Developer: Single Cell Software Price: Free   

5. APTuner – Chromatic Tuner

An exemplary tuner is always useful for those moments when inspiration hits your mind, and APTuner is one of the best available on the market nowadays. It is famous for its accuracy by automatically detecting notes and deviations from several different instruments, something essential when it comes to tuning anything.

All of this comes in an easy-to-understand application with a pleasing and high-contrast look. So, anyone can use it without any difficulty. It is available for Android and iOS.   DownloadQR-Code Fine Chromatic Tuner Developer: Fine Chromatic Tuner Price: Free+

6. My Piano

My Piano is one of the most extraordinary kinds of music ever designed by man. Pure art, Android users can proficiently avail this virtual piano simulator in your music routine. The “analysis algorithm” eliminates octave or fifth errors that usually happen with other tuners.

The service offers 11 types of instruments and eight effects that select and insert into the audio generated by you. Moreover, you can record ideas with a practical and simple recording system. Other features for the user are a loop system and eight themes that change the application interface.   DownloadQR-Code My Piano Developer: Trajkovski Labs Price: Free   

7. Real Drum

From Piano to drum lovers, the Real Drum is a drum entertaining simulator with incredible sounds. It allows the user to play the parts of a virtual drum with your fingertips to record and play beats on Android device. This app is suitable for those who are curious to know, learn the sound of drums or for musicians who wish to test a drum beat.

Rock, Jazz, Piano, Classic or any genre of music, anything is possible with Real Bass that brings six types of electric bass, an acoustic bass simulation, and passability. It is an excellent choice for instrument lovers. To create music, simply play on the strings and place of the instrument scale, this is represented by a play note. You can register your song performances in an audio file to listen anytime on your device.   DownloadQR-Code Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator Developer: Kolb Apps Price: Free+

8. Ultimate Guitar Tabs

This app is not a creative tool. However, it offers a catalog with tablatures and cyphers of thousands of songs for your enjoyment. That is right, thousands, which makes it quite useful for musicians and individuals who are beginning to learn guitar or guitar.   DownloadQR-Code Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs Developer: Ultimate Guitar USA LLC Price: Free+

9. Reactable mobile

Reactable mobile is a distinctive table-shaped instrument that became very popular worldwide and in the Björk’s concerts. Available for Android it offers an intuitive colorful interface. Reactable is ranked as a very different tool from any traditional instrument. Each side on the screen represents a type of parameter control, filter or effect that modifies the audio that you create.   DownloadQR-Code Reactable mobile Developer: Reactable Price: €8,33+

10. DJ Studio 5

Are you a professional DJ or like to play music mixing, this is an application that can exceed your expectations – especially since it is a free service. DJ Studio 5 is the virtual simulation, which offers two professional jukebox discs, which can load music saved on the device.

Besides the impeccable interface and well music distribution, you can adjust the beats per minute and add equalizations and effects in real time, making its mixing performance productive and more creative.   DownloadQR-Code DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer Developer: Beatronik Price: Free+

11. Djay 2

If your business is the DJ-ing, then Djay 2 “must” be on your list. This is one of the main GarageBand alternative on Android, when it comes to acting as a DJ. It supports Spotify – which means, you have available the entire catalog of one of the main music streaming services in the world. Also, numerous tools available for mixing, looping, sound effects and more.

Whether you are a pro or just an enthusiast, you will find in this app the best music solution and a GarageBand Android alternative for your events and creations.   DownloadQR-Code djay 2 Developer: Algoriddim Price: €2,99   

12. Supreme MPA

Supreme MPA is quite diversified music production application with MPC, drum machine, piano, keyboard and more. When you navigate through all functions, you can notice how rich the platform is, with numerous alternatives to musical creation.

It supports several projects per sample, with numerous sequences. In addition, it offers two versions of Android: a paid version and a free version (Lite), but with reduced resources (it is not possible to edit or export music).   DownloadQR-Code Supreme MPA Developer: BOOM BAPPZ Price: €4,49   

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Wrapping up,

Garageband is a great software for music production, unfortunately, it is available for MacOS and Apple. The unavailability of the Garageband for Android makes it tough to try out. Better you check out these similar Garageband alternative apps for Android since GarageBand won’t make its way into Android OS in future.

Hope you found some alternatives to Garageband for Android platform, if yes feel free to share with your friends and relatives.

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