How To Get Unlimited Likes On Instagram

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How to Increase Likes on Instagram?, is it your question? Yes or maybe similar to it. If you are Instagramaddicted, them I am sure you loves to get Instagram likes and followers and already searched on Google for “How to Get Unlimited Likes on Instagram Free“. Am I right? Yeah! Off course, there is no chance to answer no. :-p You searched for Method to get unlimited likes on Instagram photos, status and that’s why, you are here. So, here I am sharing Instagram likes hack by which you will get free Instagram likes fast as compared to anything else. Getting free followers is not so easy but yes you can increase likes on your posts using some Instagram Auto Liker Website.

Instagram is going much popular nowadays in Social Media networking apps. On Instagram, you can update your bio, upload photos & videos, etc. Well, it has no feature of adding friends like Facebook but here following your friends is enough. After that you can see your followed people’s Photos and other posts. When it comes to Likes, yeah it is similar as like on Facebook. You can like your friends status, comment on them easily. I have previously shared an article which is useful to increase likes on Facebook and this post is also similar to it.

How to Increase Likes on Instagram

Contents [show]How to Increase Instagram Likes Free

Many people who loves Instagram more than Facebook and wants to get more likes on their Instagram status, selfies, photos, videos. They keep searching on Google about tricks to increase likes on Instagram or Auto liker for Instagram but they are not able to get any working trick on internet and they feel sad and tired.

So we searched on this trick and found some working tricks to get unlimited likes on Instagram posts, photos, status. This is not an Auto liker website. In this tutorial we described method to get unlimited likes on our Instagram posts. You can get unlimited likes on Instagram photos, status by these trick. Here are two apps by which you can get unlimited likes on Instagram. This trick is tested by us and found them working. So we decided to share them with our readers. Let’s start.

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Best Method to Increase Instagram Likes

Our old method isn’t working anymore, so we have updated this new trick for you. In this method, there is no need to use any app for getting free likes on your Instagram account. Now, we are presenting Instagram auto liker website which works same like Facebook auto liker websites. Here is the step-by-step guide:

1) First of all, open Instagram auto liker website Instagram Autoliker Website

2) Scroll down and proceed to Login panel, Enter your Instagram Username & Password in the box and click on Login button.

Hublaagram Login

3) Select the service you want to use, you can use Free Instagram Likes Tool, Instagram Free Followers Tool, etc. Instaliker & Instafollow Tool

4) Select your post on which you want to increase likes and BOOM!!, your likes are increased.

Enjoy, this awesome site to get free Instagram likes and followers. But there is limit to get likes & followers at a time, so you have to visit the website again and again after some time interval in order to increase more likes.

Note: This tutorial is only for educational purpose, we aren’t responsible for any hard happened to your Instagram account by using this guide. So, try out it at your own risk.

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Requirements To Get Free Instagram Likes

  • Rooted Android Device
  • InstaLike App – Get 100+ Likes on Instagram
  • CheatDroid App
  • Nothing else :-p

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Instagram Free With InstaLike (Not Working)

1) First of all download both apps from links given above (in requirements).

2) Install both apps on your device.

3) Open InstaLike app and login to your Instagram account by entering your Instagram account id and password.

Note: If you face any problem while logging in into InstaLike app, then change your Instagram password and try again.

4) You will get some credits/coins after successful login in your InstaLike account.

5) Now you can use that coins for likes on your Instagram posts.

6) To get likes just click on “Get Likes” button and select status, photos on which you want likes.Free Instagram Likes APK

Enjoy automatic likes on your Instagram posts with this cool App. Now if you have any problem in this method/trick or you want more likes on your Instagram, then here is the second trick to get likes on Instagram with CheatDroid app. You also need InstaLike app in this trick also. So, you must have to install InstaLike for this trick. You can easily get up to 10,000 likes on your Instagram posts with CheatDroid app trick. Let’s follow all the steps given below to get more unlimited likes on your Instagram.

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How To Get Free Likes On Instagram With CheatDroid App (Not Working)

1) First of all download CheatDroid app (Link given in Requirements).

2) Install the app and open it on your device.

3) You will see many apps in it, search and click on InstaLike app from list.

4) Scroll down and search for UsersPoints.xml file and click on it.

5) Edit values in UsersPoints.xml file (Enter the number, how much likes you want. Don’t enter more than 10,000 value in it).Free Instagram Likes App For Android

6) Open InstaLike app and check our your Coins were increased as how much value you put in UsersPoints.xml file.

7) You can use these points to getting likes on Instagram.

8) When these all coins are used, you can again follow these steps to get more coins. 

Enjoy, This is the trick to get unlimited likes on Instagram with InstaLike and CheatDroid app.

Note: Don’t enter value more than 10,000, otherwise it will ban your Instagram account permanently.

You can easily increase likes on your Instagram account by these trick. To use these tricks you must have rooted android device. If you haven’t rooted yet, here is the guide to Root Android without PC. It is the best and easiest way to get unlimited likes on Instagram without any type of issues or problems. Always remember to don’t enter more than 10,000 values in CheatDroid otherwise your account got banned by them. Follow all the steps and enjoy unlimited likes on Instagram.

Use both the apps to get free Instagram likes fast. If you ever searched for free Instagram likes app for Android, I am sure you finds these two apps there. Now, don’t look for any type of method or anything, these was the two best Instagram Likes Hack ever, I found working smoothly.

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Final Words

So, this is How to Increase Unlimited Likes on Instagram free.  Now, by using our latest method you will also get unlimited free followers on Instagram. Old method isn’t working anymore (InstaLike & CheatDroid), as Instagram security is increased, any external application isn’t allowed to make changes in it So, we have updated our method to get free Instagram likes fast with using Instagram auto liker website, even you are also able to increase free Instagram followers from that site. Don’t try to use this method continuously else maybe your Instagram account will get locked due to security purposes. You have to try this method on your own risk. If you are any issue, feel free to comment below. I will surely you to get unlimited likes on Instagram.

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